The Law of God from the Beginning

The Law of God from the Beginning before Mount Sinai The Bible teaches that sin is breaking the law of God from the beginning or any other time. It also says that Satan sinned from the beginning of the world. Furthermore, it goes on to say that where there is no law, there is no sin. (Romans 4:15) Therefore, if no law existed there could be no sin because there would be no law to break. In addition, no law…


The Law of Moses

The Law of Moses is Good and Not Good Understanding the law of Moses is critical to understanding much of what Paul had to say about it. In the bible, it is clear that Paul writes both positive and negative things about the law, which can be very confusing. This is because the positive things are about the righteousness in the Law. Moses wrote this law and delivered it to the priests. He commanded them saying: “Take this Book of…


Walking with the Lord

Walking with the Lord to Eternal Life Walking with the Lord is both simple and difficult. To walk with the Lord is simple because all you need to do is agree with Him all the time. To walk with the Lord is difficult because sin keeps you from agreeing with the Lord all the time. The Lord knows that walking with Him is difficult because of sin. Indeed, there is not a righteous person in the world who always does…

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