Once Saved Always Saved

Once Saved Always Saved According to the Bible Salvation by Baptism Based on the bible the popular man-made phrase “once saved always saved” is often misused. This phrase can only apply to baptism. Baptism is forever; it cannot be lost or undone. The phrase should probably be “once baptized always baptized.” Baptism saves a person through the resurrection of Christ. (1 Peter 3:21) The blood of Christ caused God to pass over all past sins. (Romans 3:25; 2 Peter 1:9)…


The Law of God before Mount Sinai

The Bible teaches us that sin is breaking the law of God before Mount Sinai or any other time. The will, way, and laws of God are all tied together. Now the will of God is that we keep His way. Furthermore, the way of God is the way of righteousness. Moreover, the way of righteousness is the Ten Commandments. The bible also says that Satan sinned from the beginning of the world. Furthermore, it goes on to say that…

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